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Monday, April 28, 2014

SAS Install (version9.2)

Steps for Installation of SAS 9.2

Verify that the version you are installing is the same version(9.3) and
    same bit(x86 or 64) as the one that was purchased
Verify the expiration date - this is located in the SID
    the SID is a text file that is usually emailed to the dept.
    coordinator upon purchase of the license, save this to desktop
    You will be prompted to read from this file
Uninstall previous versions if applicable
    Try to do this through Control Panel - all SAS components
    If this fails delete SAS directly through "Program Files" folder
        after you uninstalled as much as you could through control panel
Install the correct version of JRE, usually version 6u24
SAS Foundation must install without errors, if an error occurs
    retry, if it occurs again retry with another disk

If still failing, I dunno...

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Simple Command Line Steps to Capture an Image

From PC that is ready to be captured

open cmd as administrator
cd c:\windows\system32\sysprep
sysprep /oobe /generalize

boot from your USB that contains imagex
go to drive letter with imagex

imagex /capture c:\ e:\CapturedImage.wim "Captured Image" /verify

this is saying, capture the c drive, save it on the e drive as CapturedImage.wim
you need to make sure you have the right drive letters before running the command
The part in quotes is the description and doesn't really matter