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Monday, August 4, 2014

Problems activating Windows 7

Did you type the correct KMS in?
Is the time and date correct?
Do you need to configure your DNS to see the KMS?

Setting up a PC - Temple University

Bring external hard drive
Bring usb network adapter
And/or wifi adapter
Bring extra printer, power, monitor cords

Register mac address
Backup user data and bookmarks
Take pc off domain
Run windows updates
Check drivers
Activate windows
Activate office
Install proper java
Install powershell
Install webex
Install  citrix
Install proper Internet Explorer(IE9 for iGreenTree)
Update symantec policy
Update Firefox
Add to ou
Make users admin
Install requested software (adobe, spss...)
Install printers
Adjust msconfig
Transfer backup data to c:

Power options, closing lid
User login on ethernet (domain account)

Turning Point
Make desktop shortcuts

Configure start screen
Add bookmarks citrix, tumail

Inventory at final location

Giving a client a surface

Show Client how to:
customize start screen
swipe up from bottom to bring up apps
Swipe from right to bring up settings to shutdown or check wifi
Windows key +x, u, u; for quick shutdown
Swipe from left to bring up last app
Closing an app, swipe down from top, or mouse in top left corner, right click
Stylus: side button for right click,  or hold down
Setup Microsoft Account
Setup mail (outlook or mail app)
Citrix DocFinder to access shared folder
IP and computer name for remote access
add xerox printers
Sign in goes directly to desktop